Devotee's Mindshare


The following are divine experiences of some of  Sri Gopala Krishna Swamy’s devotees, shared here for the benefit of others. Swamy shared a special              relationship with each of His devotees.

We thank Swamy for the great experiences we had in His divine presence and helping many of us in our hour of need. Due to our previous birth’s ‘Punya’, we      were lucky to receive His abundant Love, Blessings and Grace. We know that He will continue to guide and bless us and we shall strive to go in the path that He has shown us.

“Om Sri Sai Chandramouleeswara Pahimam Rakshamam”

Sri Balaji of Tirupur is an ardent devotee of Sri Gopala Krishna Swami. Sri Balaji runs a school in Titupur, in Tamilnadu. An idol of Swami given by Swami himself has been installed at the School.

On November 01, 2020 a peacock entered the school and spent quite a bit of time in front of Gopala Baba’s idol. Sri Balaji was very emotionally moved by this incident, as he was very close to Swami.

May Sri Gopala Krishna Swami continue to shower His Blessings on all His devotees.

Between the years 1996-1998 Sri Vashdev Wadhwani, having faced serious ups and downs in life, regularly began visiting Shirdi every fortnight. By grace of Shirdi Sai Baba situations began to improve. On one of his visits to Shirdi, Sri Wadhwani took a Sankalpa and prayed that he would next visit Shirdi only if Shirdi Sai gave him Sakshat Darshan in this life itself.

In the year 2002 Sri Wadhwani's house was reconstructed, in which a spacious Shirdi Sai Baba Temple was developed on the ground floor. Mr. Wadhwani was desirous of conducting Bhajans and Spiritual discourses in the Temple area, for which he visited the Shirdi Sansthan at Dadar to offer the space for such activities. He was however directed towards Sri Pankaj Fozdar,Sri P.K. Mukherjee and Sri Bharat Thanki, as they were looking out for bigger space for Sri Gopala Baba’s bhajans. Thus in early 2004 GKS Bhajans were performed in the ground floor. In November 2004 Sri Pankaj Fozdar informed Sri Wadhwani that Sri Gopala Baba was coming to Mumbai and expressed his wish to conduct Gopala Baba’s birthday function in the temple area on the Ground Floor.

On November 6th 2004 Gopala Baba set his Padukas for the first time at Sri Wadhwani's House. The moment Baba alighted from his car and came in, Sri Wadhwani was totally transfixed, crying profusely and he grabbed hands of both his sons and said "Sakshat Shirdi Baba has come home".

Amidst a gathering of almost 350 devotees for almost 5 minutes Sri Wadhwani was lost in the Divinity of the Divine and the Divine was lost in the Bhakti of His Devotee. Thus culminated the Sankalpa he took way back at Shirdi.

We are devotees of Sri Gopala Baba, since 1985 and we have always believed that he is God for us. We have visited Girinagar temple several times and obtained His blessings. Around 20 years back on August 8th, Sri Gopala Baba who was on his way to Mumbai, stopped over at our house in Belagavi. With a smiling face, he entered our house called my wife and materialized a “Bhakthanjaneya” and gave it to her. Our whole family was very happy, for God had visited our house. Every year on that day, we do Abhishekham to the Anjaneya idol. We are indeed blessed by the grace of Sri Gopala Krishna Swami.

Shivanand Umadi
10 November 2020

On February 02, 2015, on one of his trips to Shirdi, Swamy suddenly asked us to stop at one place and visited a small house, where an aged brother and sister lived. The Old lady had unusually already prepared a special lunch, as if expecting a special guest. The house also had been thoroughly cleaned. Upon enquiry, the old man said that his sister, two days ago said that she had a dream and Shirdi Sai had said that he was coming to her house for having lunch in a day or two. So, in full faith, she had cleaned her house and prepared a special meal. The brother, who was in disbelief, helped his sister in cleaning the house. When they saw Sri Gopala Krishna Swamy, they were in shock and exclaimed “Shirdi Sai has come”. Swamy and others had a great lunch and Swamy gifted money and clothes to the aged siblings.

Such is the way divinity works.

Swami went to Bombay during Dasara festival. It was a Friday during Navratri, Swami was a Guest of Sri Pradeep Chablani, and Lalita Sahasranaam Pooja was to be performed. Sri Srinivasa Moorthy, the vedic scholar who had come with Swami, started chanting the Mantras and sought permission to perform Rudrabhishekam and archana to Lalita Parameshwari. But there was no Sri Chakram and Shiva Linga. Swami asked Sri Srinivas to keep an unsplit or whole betel nut on a beetle leaf and offer abhishekam to it. When this was done, and the time came to offer the sahasranama pooja, Swami waved His right hand and produced a spherical gold Sri Chakram. It had Devi Mookambika on the top and Sri Chakra at the bottom. This was later presented to Smt. Jyothi Chablani. Pooja was offered to the Sri Chakra. Among the devotees Smt. Mahesh was present and she saw Swami as Raja Rajeswari.

After the Pooja, Swami asked all to leave except me (Ananthasayana Rao). He gave me the Sri Chakram to hold in my hand. Then a strange thing happened: Swami took a little of kumkum that was used for the archana, in His fingers, and taking out a chain containing the locket of Sri Sathya Sai Baba round His neck, applied the kumkum to it.

The application of kumkum to any object worn around one's neck signifies the status of Sumangalis or married women. I asked Swami about this act and it's significance. Then He showed me the gold locket having Bhagwan's image. Bhagwan was Purusha and Swami was Prakruti or the feminine aspect.

The parents of Mrs. Shah were great devotees of Shirdi Sai and Sri Sathya Sai. Whenever her parents used to visit Shirdi, they always used to get a gold coin from the feet of the idol. The same happened when they visited Sri Sathya Sai Baba. They had wanted proof that Sathya Sai is Shirdi Sai, and as a proof they should get a coin from Bhagwan Baba's feet. So, when Mrs. Shah's parents went to see Bhagwan, and were doing paada namaskar they found a coin rolling out from His feet towards them.

Mrs Niranjan Shah too had the same experience with Bhagwan Baba. She too got a coin from out of His feet while doing paada namaskar at Parthi. She heard about Swami and came to see Him on 29-10-1998. She had one desire and that was to get a coin from out of Gopala Baba's feet to confirm His divinity, and His oneness with Shirdi and Parthi Baba. She came hesitantly to the mandir and saw Swami sitting alone. I (Ananthasayana Rao) was also present. Swami called her and she asked His permission for paada namaskaram. Swami agreed and she prostrated. The miracle happened. A silver coin rolled out at her from Swami's feet.

The proof was given that both Shirdi Sai and Parthi Sai were incarnated in Sri Gopala Baba. This is our Swami who drew us to Him and gave experiences for a lifetime and continues to shelter us in His Grace, having become nirgun.

Dr. Gopala Rao, a child specialist practicing in Doddaballapur, was also a close devotee of Bhagwan Baba before he heard of our Swami. Out of curiosity he came to Swami and was transformed!

During 1995 While he and his family were travelling to Shravana Belagola, Swami saw fresh and ripe guava fruits sold at a village outlet and He asked Dr Gopala Rao to stop the car and buy a few fruits. The doctor, who was carrying a lot of sweets and fruits thought buying guava fruits would be a waste, so saying he drove on. After a few minutes he Swami sitting next to him munching something. Nobody had given Swami anything to eat. He looked at Swami with puzzled eyes. Swami opened His mouth large enough for the doctor to see. The doctor could not believe his eyes for he saw in Swami's mouth a few pieces of fresh guava fruit. It conveyed a message to the doctor, that, when the Divine wills something, come what may, it will happen! While returning, Swami materialized a Shivalingam in which one can see both Shirdi Sai and Parthi Sai.

Swami's devotees come from all over. Sri Vasudevan and his brother, Dr. Manikya Vasagam are among those devotees of the early years who were fortunate to both witness and experience first hand, Swami's divinity. This family, hailing from Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu, are deeply devoted to Swami and have set aside the entire first floor of their ancestral home for Swami's use permanently.

When divinity chooses to draw a soul to itself, IT creates the circumstances for the event. So was the case of Dr. Manikya Vasagam. He developed cardiac problems in 1996-97, and was advised immediate surgery. Being devoted to Swami, Dr Manikya Vasagam and his wife, Mrs Meena Manikya Vasagam came to Swami at the time of Bhagwan Baba's birthday celebrations. Swami applied vibhuti to his chest and declared surgery was not required! The couple went to Madras for further check up and it was seen that the cardiac defect seen earlier had vanished and surgery was not required. Mrs Meena Manikya Vasagam wrote a letter saying Swami had given her PATHI BHIKSHA, as a gift.

The entire family is deeply devoted to Swami. There are many more such instances, where Swami has drawn His devotees to his presence, for their upliftment.

In 1998, Swami visited Sagar at the invitation of Sri Mahabala Hegde, for his grandson's Upanayanam.

Sri Hegde, an old devotee of Bhagwan Baba, came to know about Swami from Smt. Gayathri of Sagar. His wife, a diabetic, was in coma state at this time. Smt. Gayathri told Mr. Hegde about the creation of Siva Lingam by Bhagwan Baba at Girinagar, Swami doing the Rudrabishekam and the Abhisheka Teertham having curative effects. She gave one bottle of of teertham to Sri Hegde to be given to Smt. Hegde.

On administering the abhisheka teertham, Mrs. Hegde came out of coma, and her sugar levels also came under control. Needless to say, they became ardent devotees of Swami. Swami sanctified their home by His visit and liberated a spirit that had haunted the house for forty years.

At the Upanayanam ceremony of Sri Hegde's grandson Samartha, Swami materialized the Sacred Thread and put it across the shoulder of the boy. He also created a medallion with OM on one side and the picture of Hegde's family deity, Lord Venkateswara on the other!

Swami has shown through these and other countless instances in the lives of many, that HE's verily divinity. It's for us to enshrine this fact firmly in our minds and hearts. Let His memory and the memories of His Divine Grace be the source of our sustenance for times to come.

In 1996, Swami visited Bombay and was the guest of Sri Patel. Swami had taken one Sri Srinivas, a Vedic scholar with Him. Mr. Patel expressed a desire to perform a Pooja in Swami's presence and requested for a Rudrabishekam to be performed. Swami agreed, however, no Lingam was present in Mr. Patel's house. Mr. Patel was crest fallen and looked pleadingly at Swami, for, without Lingam no Rudrabishekam can be performed.

Swami instructed Sri Srinivas to keep things ready for abhishek and start chanting the invocation and Dhyana Mantra. Swami suddenly waved His right hand and a beautiful shiny blue Ishwara Lingam emerged! Swami gave this to the mesmerized Mr. Patel, who reverentially accepted it and thereafter performed Abhishekam and Pooja.

On February 1st, 1997, Mr. Ananthasayana Rao's grandson Sai Prasad was born and from the second day he he developed diarrhea. All medication failed and the child was grasping for breath. Unable to bear the agony, Mr. Rao's son Ganesh, went to Gopala Baba and requested Him to revive the child.

Out of great compassion and love, Gopala Baba went to the nursing home to see the child. As Gopala Baba stepped into the room, the child's mother was weeping uncontrollably. Swami consoled her and in front of everyone in the room, He materialized vibhuti and smeared a small quantity on the baby's chest. The heart beat that had stopped, suddenly spurt into action, as if activated by current! Swami put little vibhuti in the baby's mouth and returned from the hospital. The child recovered well and in due course, Swami named him Sai Prasad and also did his Aksharabhyasa.

Even today, in any testing circumstance, we can resort to the "Vibhuthi treatment" by praying to Swami with complete faith. Remember, Swami has told on numerous occasions, that He will sit inside the Kamakshi Amma Garbhagudi and answer the prayers of all who pray with Faith and Sincerity.

It was Guru Poornima day of 1999, and the Old Mandir was packed to capacity with fervent devotees thronging to witness the morning puja and have Swami's Darshan. Bhajans were about to start when there was sudden commotion in the kitchen.

Sri Venkataramaniah suddenly collapsed in the kitchen and stopped breathing. His second son, a doctor, was holding his father's hand and feeling the pulse. He nodded his head indicating everything was over and slowly rose to go.

Swami was composed all the while. When Swami came to the kitchen, His brother explained. Swami said "No, No, take him to another room and put him on drips." So saying, he produced vibhuti, and rubbed it on His father's chest. The Miracle happened. The heart which had stopped started beating again and pulse beat was gradually restored. The doctor was amazed at this event, shifted Sri Venkataramaniah to another room and put him on drips. He recovered fully and lived for a few more months.

Dear Sai Brothers and Sisters,
A couple of years ago, I was going through a lot of physical and mental anxiety. It was during this time that I had an opportunity to have the darshan of our beloved mother, Gopala Maa. Although we have been devotees of Shirdi Baba and Satya Sai Baba from a very long time, the first sight of our dearly loved Swami made the same impact in my mind, body and soul as Shirdi Sai and Sathya Sai.

When I narrated my troubles to Gopala Baba, he gave a wonderful smile and replied in a very sweet voice, "Attend Abhishekam on Mondays and Bhajans on Thursdays, regularly and you will be okay." As Swami suggested, I started attending the Rudrabhishekam on Mondays and Sai Bhajans on Thursdays. During this time, I started feeling positive vibrations running through me, every time I sat for bhajans in the Temple. I had never felt so good before. Bad energy from my mind and body began to disappear gradually with time and I started to develop a more positive attitude towards everything in Life. Swami's blessings regained my interest in playing Tabla and I started playing this instrument with a lot of confidence during bhajans in the Temple.

With Swami's Grace, negative incidents of my life from the past, were being replaced by positive events of the present. This made me realize that Concerns about the past or future are like the delusions of a crazy man who hears voices or sees creatures that exist only in his imagination - present company included! When you have a problem, it most definitely involves of the past or some concern of the future. As human nature, you tend to keep these problems alive in your present routine life by giving them your attention and energy, letting them live rent free in your head!

I shall ever be grateful to our beloved mother, Gopala Maa for removing the pain from my life. My sincere request to Swami (Our Mother) is to bless all of us always and guide us to lead our lives the right way, as a mother does for her child.

- Sridhar Chenoor.

My dear brothers and sisters, I feel a lot of joy sharing with you the dream vision that our Gopala Ma gave me early morning on 23rd of February 2005. In case some of you are not aware of what happened last year, I would like to share it with all of you, once again. Last year my husband's brother called me from California, U.S.A, in the month of September. He told me that there was a huge forest fire spreading rapidly towards his newly acquired bungalow. His bungalow was prime property. To cut things short, he called me three times on different days asking me to pray; which I did. The last time he called he was desperate. He said that the fire was only a few kilometers away from his house and he questioned me about what kind of prayer I was reciting. I sat in my small puja place, and prayed once more. This time I was asked to call Girinagar, which I did even though it was quite late at night.

Our dear Ravi, who took the call, told me that he would pass on the message to Mother. I informed my husband, who was staying in a hotel in Bangalore, about the whole thing. Early next morning, when he called the temple, Ravi received the call. He told my husband that on the previous night Mother had said that the matter would be taken care of. I was surprised when my brother in law called saying that there had been a sudden rainfall and the fire had subsided!

This incident was mentioned in the newsletter from Holland.

I requested my brother in law to go to Bangalore to meet his sister, who presently resides there. I also requested that he go to Swamiji and to pay his respects after what He (Swami) had done for them. Somehow, I could see that it was a difficult decision for him to make. Instead of going to Bangalore, he organized that his sister meet him in Mumbai.

My brother in law with his wife left for U.S.A early morning on the 23rd February. My husband went to see them off at the airport and I went back to sleep. Suddenly, in my sleep, I saw Gopala Ma very clearly. I felt very sad that my brother in law did not go to have her darshan. I folded my hands to tell Ma that I had tried to send him, but Mother started laughing and said sweetly, "It is all right. It is all right, I know. I know everything. Do not worry. Sit and sing a song for me." Then very clearly, in Bengali, which is my mother tongue, she told me to sing a song written by the Late Sri Ravindranath Tagore. And to my utmost surprise, it was my brother in law's favourite song, which he sings very often. I still cannot get over the fact that she could pronounce the words of the song just like a Bengali.

Let our Mother's love be always with everybody.

Sai Ram
-Chhaya Mukherjee

On Monday 29th May 2006, the Governor of Karnataka, Sri Chaturvedi, visited the Sai Mandiram at Girinagar.

Professor Nanjunda Shastri, a highly respected Sanskrit scholar, welcomed the Governor to the Mandiram. He explained that the ashram is unique because His Holiness, Gopala Krishna Swami, is the spiritual son of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. He added that he had permission to declare that Gopala Krishna Swami is in fact avatara of Mata Sarada Devi. He said that the ashram is greatly blessed not only by Sathya Sai Baba and Shirdi Sai Baba but also by Sri Ramakrishna and Sarada Devi. He said that it is the place where five great rivers meet. Five special personalities have commingled to make the ashram unique and highly satisfying.

He stated that His Excellency, the Governor had bestowed a great honour on the ashram by choosing to visit it. He described the governor not merely as a man of high secular standing but also as a spiritually developed man. His name Chaturvedi suggests that all the four Vedas are represented in his being. He said that those present at the mandir on this day are honoured to be in his presence.

Professor Nanjunda Shastri reminded us that Monday is a special day at Girinagar as it is the day on which the Rudra Abishekam is performed to the lingam that Sri Sathya Sai Baba gave to Gopala Baba. He stated that all the powers of Sri Sathya Sai Baba have been transferred to Sri Gopala Krishna Swami. He describes Swami as being of a taciturn nature. He said that although he speaks little his knowledge is great. He has complete knowledge of the scriptures and of the spiritual history of Bharat.

He remarked on Swami's many devotees both in India and overseas. He pointed out that Swami has been overseas and that his overseas devotees have benefited greatly from his counsel.

After the abhishekam Swami greeted and blessed the Governor and his entourage.

During His visit to Bombay in 1997, Swami visited Justice Bhat's house at the invitation of his son Jagadish Bhat, to bless the marriage invitation of his granddaughter. Swami created Akshata and blessed the invitation. All this while, Justice Bhat was not present in the Hall to receive Swami or to take part in the Satsang.

After the satsang, Swami was sitting on the diwan, cross legged, when Justice Bhat suddenly appeared. Justice Bhat, with tears welling in his eyes, offered pranams to Swami! This puzzled everyone, as to why after avoiding Swami the entire time, did Justice Bhat come to offer pranams. Swami, indicated later, that Justice Bhat was a devotee of Pramahamsa Nityananda Maharaj of Ganeshpuri, and he had the darshan of his Guru, in Sri Gopalakrishna Baba! This was later confirmed by his son, Jagdish Bhat.

Smt. Rajeshwari, wife of an Electrical Engineer, had come for satsang to Sri Mahabala Hegde's house at Sagar. Gopalakrishna Swami was sitting on a cot and bhajan was going on. Smt. Rajeshwari suddenly started sobbing. She saw her Ishta Deva, Sri Sridhara Swamy in Sri Gopalakrishna Baba. She had desired proof of Gopalakrishna Swami's divinity; that He should give darshan of her Ishta Devta in Him and Swami blessed her with this experience.

She then composed a bhajan for the illuminating sight and sang. This Bhajan "Parama Purusha Sridharesha" is sung in Sai Mandiram and Sri Soma Sai Skanda Ashrama at the conclusion of bhajan and before aarthi.

In the car on the way home from Adgaon, Muralidhar told me the story of his brother in law's miraculous healing from cancer after meeting Gopala Baba late last year. He had been diagnosed with cancer of the spleen which had rapidly moved into the spine. Muralidhar told me that his brother in law's family were ardent devotees of Sathya Sai Baba. When the brother in law met Swamy, Swamy stroked his back three times and said, "Don't worry. You'll be fine. Take teertham. You'll be fine." Within a month his blood count was well within the normal range.

On the morning of 19th January we gathered at Pradeep and Jyothi's home. We squeezed into their bedroom where we sang bhajans whilst Swamy gave private audiences to the long line of people who had come for his blessings. He joined us for a few bhajans and then returned to his work. Just before he came into the room the phone rang. As I just happened to be the one sitting next to the phone I answered it. Just imagine my surprise when I discovered the call was, in fact, for me. It was Dinesh from Delhi whose brother was in a critical state after having experienced an adverse reaction to some medication. Dinesh wanted me to obtain Swamy's guidance as to whether to proceed with the expensive heart surgery that the doctor was recommending.

Whilst Swamy sat with us I concentrated on Dinesh's problem. Swamy did not look at me. I was able to get a message through to Swamy after the bhajan. His advice was that Dinesh secure a second opinion. Swamy instructed that the brother drink teertham. He gave his assurance that Dinesh's brother would be alright. Luckily Dinesh, who had visited Girinagar in Bangalore, had witnessed the Divine abhishekam performed by Swamy and had taken some teertham back to Delhi.

That night after the function at Mr. Wadhwani's, home Swamy told me that surgery was not required and that the brother was OK. I rang Dinesh late that night and relayed Swamy's message. Dinesh had got second and third opinions. Both doctors had suggested keeping the brother under observation for twenty-four hours before making a decision regarding surgery. In the end surgery was not required and Dinesh's brother was discharged after a very short stay in hospital. Now he is doing well.

20th January began with two home visits. First we visited the home of Lokesh and Manisha Shetty after which we visited the home of Siddhartha and Taposhree Banerjee. In both homes Swamy was given a traditional welcome with padapuja whilst bhajans were sung. At Banerjee's home Swamy spoke to us about the songs, "Yogi Manegebanda" which is always sung at the beginning of bhajans, and 'Parama Purusha.' He said that these songs develop devotional feelings within us by touching the heart. He stressed that Parama Purusha was not about him but was dedicated to 'Him' (I presume 'Him' means the formless God.) What bliss we all felt in such close proximity to Gopala Baba. He exudes sweetness, humility and divine unconditional love which acts as a magnet drawing us ever closer to him. Both Lokesh and Banerjees were blessed with Swamy's Divine Vibhuthi.

That evening we took a bus across town to Deonar, to the home of Mrs Hejmadi, sister of Bangalore devotee, Mr. Ramesh Rao. A large crowd was assembled there. In fact the Shree Sai Ma Mandir was overflowing. Many people had to remain downstairs. This temple housed a large statue of Shirdi Baba. Out of love and compassion Swamy left his seat several times to wander through the crowd and to go downstairs to bless those who were unable to be inside the mandir.

On the previous day, Mrs. Hejmadi, who loves Gopala Baba dearly, was apprehensive about offering aarathi to Gopala Baba in front of the Shirdi devotees who gather at this Shirdi temple. Venkat had comforted her with the words, "Leave everything to Swamy. He will take care."

There was no conflict for her the next day, as all the devotees present at the function were under the influence of Swamy's Divine Love. The program ended with aarthi being offered to Shirdi and to Gopala Baba simultaneously. The energy in the mandir was exceptionally high. Swamy concluded the evening by telling the crowd how happy he was. He said that all those gathered there had been purified by participating in the bhajans. He promised that he would visit this mandir each year. Everyone then received prasad from Baba's hand.

I also discovered later that the hosts were Shirdi Baba devotees who did not recognize Sathya Sai Baba. Professor Subbaramaih explained in his speech at the mandir that Gopala Baba was a bridge between the two Sai Babas, bringing devotees of both, together.

Early morning on 21st January a small group accompanied Swamy to a place outside of Mumbai, known as Karjat, which has been proposed as a site for a GKS centre. The trip was not pre planned. It was due to the intense desire of Mr. and Mrs. Narendra of Karjat that the trip materialized. With just one-day's notice, the couple managed to gather a big group of villagers to be at their house by 7am. Swamy blessed the villagers and informed them of his sankalpa to build an ashram in Karjat. Swamy said that even though Lord Rama was God, he used the help of monkeys to defeat Ravana. Similarly, he was now seeking the help of the villagers to make the village a model for the future.

I spent the day with Professor Subbaramaih and my hosts. We enjoyed wonderful satsung sharing our precious experiences with Gopala Baba and Sathya Sai.

That evening we traveled to another Shirdi temple - Sai Baba Temple, Manish Nagar, at Andheri West. A large number of people arrived to receive the blessings of Baba. Chhaya and I arrived early so she took me into the beautiful mandir. Bhajans were underway inside the mandir. We were invited to join in. A large area outside the mandir had been prepared for the evening's function. On arrival, Swamy proceeded to the mandir where he blessed the pujaris, before moving amongst the large crowd gathered to receive his holy darshan

Over the days, Swamy gave four discourses. I will present a brief summary of major points raised. Swamy stressed the need for Bharatiyas (people born in India) to uphold the ancient culture -the Sanathana Dharma. He highlighted the all inclusiveness of the Sanathana Dharma and its promotion of the extended family: the loving relationships between the generations and the duties prescribed within the family. In comparison the western culture, which modern Indians seem to be gravitating towards, promotes isolation, which leads to a sense of separation, which 'is only a step away from insanity.' He spoke passionately about his despair re the political situation in India today. He spoke about the strength of the feminine principle noting that women are the backbone of society. He pointed out that Indians have traditionally prayed to the feminine deities for knowledge (Saraswati), strength (Durga), and wealth (Lakshmi.)

He voiced his displeasure at women discarding traditional dress in favour of western attire. He said that devis can quickly become devils.

Swamy spoke of the three mothers we owe our very life to: the biological mother who carried us in her womb, the cow whose milk sustains us, and the motherland. He told us that the pallu (shoulder piece) of the sari protects the woman. He then proceeded to make a beautiful analogy of India as the form of a woman - Kanyukamari being the feet, the Himalayas, the head, and Pakistan the pallu. He likened the separation of Pakistan from India to the severing of the pallu from the sari, leaving the mother exposed and unprotected. He urged all Bharatias to be ready to protect their motherland.

A point Swamy made on the last morning was that he required his devotees to work for the welfare of all. That selfless service was the most important sadhana to engage in.

I would like to mention just one personal experience, which has left me, changed forever.

For much of the 20 months that I have been privileged to know Gopala Krishna Swamy I have struggled to realize that Sathya Sai and Gopala are in fact expressions of the same divine energy. Gopala through his compassion and patient tolerance of my confusion has gently pulled me ever closer into his fold.

In Delhi he told me that I was officially a member of his GKS family. Before the bhajan on 22nd January, Swamy called for me. I had the opportunity to ask him an important question, which had formulated in my mind in recent weeks. "I feel that you are my guru. Can you accept me as your devotee?" I asked. Swamy looked into my eyes and said, "I am not your guru. I am your mother." I fell at his feet. This was the ultimate gift to a woman raised by a mother incapable of providing mother's love as a result of emotional injury acquired during her three year incarceration in Hitler's concentration camps. I have felt teary ever since this beautiful exchange. Who could want for a better mother than our beloved Gopalama??

I am eternally grateful to Swamy for giving me this great opportunity to experience such closeness to his divine form and to experience the love of the divine mother through him. I am also grateful to my wonderful GKS family in Mumbai who truly are living advertisements for Swamiji's divine message of inclusive unconditional love. Lastly, I wish to thank my dear hosts Chhya and Prashanth Mukerjee. It was wonderful to share this special time with them and Professor Subbaramaih, whose wisdom is such a great gift to us all.
- Dinah Jarvis.

Guru Mantra

Swamy Ashtottara


“Be Kind to Animals. You are their caretaker. Their well-being is your responsibility.”

-Gopala Krishna Swamy

“Do your duty properly, Duty is God. Work is Worship.”

-Gopala Krishna Swamy

“Help society in each and every possible way. Be God’s instrument to serve society.”

-Gopala Krishna Swamy

“Don’t just listen to the teachings of Saints, put them into practice.”

-Gopala Krishna Swamy

“ Be Good. Do Good. It is the only path to reach God. There is no other path. ”

-Gopala Krishna Swamy

“ If you look after your parents well, then you don’t have to go to any temples, the Gods will come to your home. ”

-Gopala Krishna Swamy

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