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"Your Conscience is your God. You have to be honest with yourself."

"You should not only listen to the teachings of holy Saints, you must also put them into practice, only then will you reach your goals. Bhagawan Sathya Sai has said that if people followed just 1% of His teachings, it would make a big difference in their lives." 

"Human beings have destroyed Nature around us, killing innocent animals for food and materials like leather. In some parts of Asia, the animals are slaughtered in the name of Sacrifice. When these innocent animals are killed, their screaming souls reach the Sky and return back in the form of Fire and diseases. It is high time man changed his food habit as there are sufficient variety of vegetables and fruits for strength and nutrition. If this is not followed, things may get worse and humanity will not be able to handle the fury unleashed by Nature."

"Vyas Maharishi in Garuda Purana has said that every human being should feed dogs, crows, sparrows, and other birds every day. You have fruit trees in your farm, do not remove all the fruits, leave some for the birds. It is the responsibility of Humans to look after all the other creatures. These creatures also have an equal right to the resources of this planet."

"It is difficult to obtain human birth among all living beings. Only after being born in different animal forms, one obtains birth as human being. We are not suddenly born as human beings. Whether it is for animal being or human being, one must have Compassion. Compassion is the alms granted by Lord Shiva. Therefore if you are filled with compassion one becomes divinity itself. Without compassion, life is like a desert and nothing grows there. Therefore you must always have compassion (Daya).Compassion is the basis of all religions (Dharma). It is the basis for all beings. The one who has preached this fervently is Basavanna, who is the physical manifestation of Compassion."

"Do not waste money, don’t waste food, and don’t waste time. This is the way to God. Also food must be respected. Anna Brahma (Food is all pervading God).Life is possible only because of food. If life is gone what is left.We spend money on unwanted things but not on important things. Do charity, practice dharma. That will protect you. If you keep money in a Bank in your city, then with your ATM card, you can draw that money in another city. Similarly if you do work of good merit (Punya Karma) in this birth then it will have continuation in next birth. You will have an even better life."

"Meditation is nothing but contemplation and a self-review of your deeds that you perform each day. At the end of each day, sit in a quiet place and list out in your mind the good and bad deeds that you performed, and plan how to do more good deeds and eliminate the bad ones the next day. That is the process and purpose of meditation."

"We hear people saying 'I am Guru, I am Guru'. Nobody becomes Guru by saying 'I am Guru'. There are many Avadhootas walking around. They wear no clothes or have any possession. They ask for nothing from anybody. It is beyond anyone to think to reach their level. We should at least learn from them. We have all collected many material possessions. God has given you more than enough. Why do you not do good work? God only asks, have you given food to the hungry, did you cover a person shivering in the cold, did you provide shelter and water to a person walking in the hot sun? God only asks what you gave and not what you received. Therefore we should always give, but should not have pride (ego). If we are prosperous, it is meant for our own inner self examination. (Aatma Parikshana).Then one will find the answer by himself."

"We should honestly work. Instead, we pull down hills to crush rocks, cut down trees. This is a sin which affects everyone. Today’s suffering is the result of such sins. More suffering is yet to come due to this. World should be ready to face more such suffering.Do not indulge in promoting quarrel between people and watch the happenings. Increase your love for the Nation. Be a good person. Look after your mother and father with love all the time till the end. If you look after your parents well, there is no need to go to the temple, the Gods will come to your home."


"Only if you follow these teachings will you get Sai Baba’s real blessings and direction."

Om Sai Ram

Guru Mantra

Swamy Ashtottara


“Be Kind to Animals. You are their caretaker. Their well-being is your responsibility.”

-Gopala Krishna Swamy

“Do your duty properly, Duty is God. Work is Worship.”

-Gopala Krishna Swamy

“Help society in each and every possible way. Be God’s instrument to serve society.”

-Gopala Krishna Swamy

“Don’t just listen to the teachings of Saints, put them into practice.”

-Gopala Krishna Swamy

“ Be Good. Do Good. It is the only path to reach God. There is no other path. ”

-Gopala Krishna Swamy

“ If you look after your parents well, then you don’t have to go to any temples, the Gods will come to your home. ”

-Gopala Krishna Swamy

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