GKS - Ganga Kaveri Sangam


In 1998, during one of His visits to Mumbai, Sri Gopala Baba had consented to a formation of a group of Satsangh devotees under the banner of Ganga Kaveri Sangam. The underlying meaning of “GKS – Ganga Kaveri Sangam” is very deep. “Ga” stands for Ganga which is the holiest of rivers in India. It originates from the Himalayas and is said to have its origins in the Jattha or the matted hair of the Lord Shiva. Even scientifically it is a proved fact that no bacteria can survive in the Ganges water.“Ka” stands for Kaveri. Kaveri is the river in the south where Swamiji resides. Kaveri too is a well-known holy river of South India.

“G” also stands for “Gynana” or the “Knowledge” whereas “K” stands for “Karma” or “Work”. The unity of Karma and Gynana is very important in any aspect of work. Any work done with the knowledge of the eternal becomes pure and divine. It is the unity of north and south representing that there is no barrier which divides the south with the north and that all the boundaries of different regions is manmade. Every living being has to perform Karma or duty. But Karma has to be performed with knowledge so that our past karmas get reduced. This is the purpose of being born in the form of human body. Once our karmas get reduced we become one with the Lord and become the Lord Himself. With such deep meaning our Gopala Baba has formed the GKS we all should entrain the same in our heart and mind to reach up to his expectations.

GKS Mumbai


Gopala Krishna Swami visited Mumbai in 1998 and stayed in Sri Pankaj Fozdar’s house. Experiencing His divinity , more devotees came into the fold of Swami. The GKS Group became bigger in Mumbai, Sai Bhajans, Lalitha Sahasranam, Paduka Pujas and Study Circles were conducted regularly at various devotee’s houses.

Sri Gopala Baba on his many visits participated in several satsang sessions with the Mumbai devotees. Many of his devotees also joined Him in his visits to the holy shrine of Sri Sai Baba at Shirdi. Sri Gopala Baba used to enjoy the company of His devotees and the long rides on the highways and the stop overs in various temples and ashrams along the way. The Mumbai devotees regularly visit the Ashram and participate in all the major functions and service activities.

Current Activities of GKS Mumbai include SAI BHAJANS, STUDY CIRCLE, POORNIMA BHAJANS: - Lalitha Sahasranam, Paduka Puja & Bhajans on Poornima (full moon) day, SAI BHAJANS TRAINING CLASS. Presently, due to the Pandemic, only Sai Bhajans and Study Circle are being conducted online.

For more information please contact:
Sri Pankaj Fozdar : 98197 18070
Sri Yogendra Wadhwani : 98202 32725


GKS Holland


Sri Gopala Baba used to regularly visit the Netherlands, where he had a large number of devotees. His first visit was in 2001, and he made his last visit in August 2019. The Netherlands consists of 12 provinces but many people use “Holland” when talking about the Netherlands. Holland is known as a flat country with a landscape of countless nature parks and a long coast line with beautiful beaches. Sri Gopala Baba was always in a blissful state whenever he was in these natural environments. His devotees could easily sense the divinity in Him. GKS Holland was the international arm of GKS Group started by Sri Gopala Baba. Many Satsangs with divine discourses and singing of Bhajans are held regularly. There is a Sai Temple in Onderdijk, Holland and Rudrabhishekam is performed. The devotees from Holland visit the Sri Sai Mandiram and the Sri Soma Sai Skanda Ashram on all important occasions like Guru Purnima and Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Birth Anniversary celebrations and also participate in the service activities of the Ashram.

For more information please visit www.GKS-Holland.com

Guru Mantra

Swamy Ashtottara


“Be Kind to Animals. You are their caretaker. Their well-being is your responsibility.”

-Gopala Krishna Swamy

“Do your duty properly, Duty is God. Work is Worship.”

-Gopala Krishna Swamy

“Help society in each and every possible way. Be God’s instrument to serve society.”

-Gopala Krishna Swamy

“Don’t just listen to the teachings of Saints, put them into practice.”

-Gopala Krishna Swamy

“ Be Good. Do Good. It is the only path to reach God. There is no other path. ”

-Gopala Krishna Swamy

“ If you look after your parents well, then you don’t have to go to any temples, the Gods will come to your home. ”

-Gopala Krishna Swamy

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01 March 2022 Mahashivarathri

11 June 2022 Sri Gopal Krishna Swamy’s Aradhana

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