Later Years


Sri Gopala Krishna Swami moved into a quiet layout called Girinagar in South Bangalore. In 1989, in a hall, next to his house he built a small temple. Here, from 1991 onwards, Sri Gopala Baba performed Rudrabhishekam to the Chandramouleeshwara Lingam every Monday between 7 to 9 a.m. The Thirtha of the Rudrabhishekam used to cure many ailments including serious ones like cancer. Devotees would throng to take this Thirtha also carrying it away in bottles to give it to friends and relatives. On Thursday evenings, Sri Gopala Baba gave darshan to the devotees. Guru Purnima and Sathya Sai Birthdays were celebrated with great fervour.

As word spread about his divinity, devotees started coming from different parts of the country, more notably from Mumbai. A large number of devotees from various countries like Holland, U.S.A, and France among others, also started visiting his place in Girinagar. The devotees who came from outside Bangalore requested Swami to visit their cities. From 1998 onwards started visiting Mumbai and from 2001 onwards, he started visiting Holland. His following kept increasing and as did the activities in his small temple.

As the number of devotees increased by large numbers, Gopala baba felt the need to expand the temple space and also start social service activities which was close to his heart. He found it convenient to build this temple on a plot opposite his house in Girinagar. In 2003 the Temple was completed and became “Sri Sai Mandiram”. The temple is today a landmark in the area and Thursdays attracts a long line of devotees. Special Poojas like Satyanarayana Pooja (on Pournami days) is performed regularly, besides the celebration of festivals like Navarathri etc.

In his old temple, for 25 years from 1991 to 2015, Sri Gopala Baba performed Rudrabhishekam on Monday mornings, to the Chandramouleeswara Lingam given to him by Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in his paranormal form. The holy water or Thirtha of the rudrabhishekam was distributed to devotees and their friends and relatives, who were suffering from health problems and they would find relief and cure by drinking this Thirtha. It was indeed a great divine offering of Sri Gopala Baba to alleviate the sufferings of many people.

Guru Mantra

Swamy Ashtottara


“Be Kind to Animals. You are their caretaker. Their well-being is your responsibility.”

-Gopala Krishna Swamy

“Do your duty properly, Duty is God. Work is Worship.”

-Gopala Krishna Swamy

“Help society in each and every possible way. Be God’s instrument to serve society.”

-Gopala Krishna Swamy

“Don’t just listen to the teachings of Saints, put them into practice.”

-Gopala Krishna Swamy

“ Be Good. Do Good. It is the only path to reach God. There is no other path. ”

-Gopala Krishna Swamy

“ If you look after your parents well, then you don’t have to go to any temples, the Gods will come to your home. ”

-Gopala Krishna Swamy

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